There are sooo many gurus out there giving advice and “secrets” and formulas, aren’t there? But not all advice will work for every business, based on a couple of factors. One of those factors is what phase your business is in right now.


Entrepreneurship comes with a ton of learning and several growth stages for sure, doesn’t it? I think next to becoming a parent, owning a business is the fastest track to increased development in the world!

I’ve seen a few key stages in my own business over the last two years and I wanted to share them with you so that you can #1- identify with the level that you’re in and #2- implement some of the things that I’ve learned in those levels to help you get to where you want to go faster.


Stage 1- The Starter


It’s a dream. A vision. You know it’s possible and now you’re dipping your toes in, trying it out. Not quite sure where you’re going or how to get there but you’re figuring things out. You’re like a sponge, absorbing every webinar, free training, podcast, book, PDF and whatever else you can find.


Stage 2- The Hustler (not the magazine ;))


You. Are. Working. Your. Ass. Off.

You don’t have a lot of money to invest so you’re the queen/ king of DIY. 2 am nights are no stranger to you and to be honest, you kind of love it. Yeah, it’s exhausting but you know that it’s going somewhere so you don’t mind the red eyes and the crazy hours. You’re putting together the platform for which this massive empire will rest upon.


Be sure that you have an end goal in mind and that you’re in this place temporarily. You cannot keep this pace up forever (or… burnout). Find your “thing” and plan to scale your business so you can become the CEO who gives the creative direction and the vision and you can walk away for awhile without the thing falling apart.


Stage 3- Scale it Up!


You can only work so many hours and if you go on vacation and your business stops… screwed! Once you hit a level of “OMG, I can’t work any more”, then it’s time to delegate and to start your support team. You may be very hesitant to hire people. You may be scared to lose money. You may be afraid that you’ll train them and they’ll leave you.


This is such small level, B.S. thinking and you have got to get over it to grow your business to the next level OR you have to resign to the fact that your business is going to stay right where it is (or less!). Delegate as soon as you can in your business for a few hours here and there so that you get your feet wet with delegation (it’s like a muscle) so when you’re at a point in your business when you can afford to increase hours… you can easily do that.


If you’re in a place where you’re ready to get help with growing your funnels and marketing (one thing you should really leave to the experts…) you know where to find us!